The Band of Sharkia for the Folk Art It's established in 1968 , and the band following the public board of the artistic palaces it shows the Egyptian folk heritage , generally and the heritage of sharkia , in particular , especially with in particular dances that represent the customs , the traditions , beliefs , and the environmental professions.

The Dances include the following:

Sharkia Wedding The Marriage customs is the utmost important for the Egyptian farmer particularly in Sharkia rural aria – that is considered as a happy occasion to build up social relations within the country people.

The Marriage Festival in Sharkia is regarded as a custom that depends on the folk heritage in various stage and steps of the preparation and the execution periods. The Wedding Festival in Sharkia has a distinguished flavor within its customs , practices and ulays

Al Hawaya This show demonstrate the efficiency of the country girl to fold up a piece of cloth that's called Al Hawaya and putting it above the head to carry the water pot without seizing it with the two hands. So, she acquired the merit of balance and her body is distinguished by fitness.

The Egyptian Dancers (Ghawazy) This dance portrays one of the famous professions of Gypsies , that spread in the different cities and villages in Egypt generally – ( Abu Hammad City, Al Ibrahimeia & Bani Amir Village ) in the governorate of Sharkia , Particularly these areas include a large number of the female dancers that consider the dance their earn of living. So, they attend and make shows in the various birth day and wedding festival at the villages and cities in the governorate of Sharkia. This dance demonstrates the efficiency level of these girls to perform their shows efficiently and in flexibility and you could note that they have a superior command of the items of this profession.With the accompany of the player of the Egyptian pipe that called Ghazulaty.

The Candle Stick Its dance show , that the girls distinguished by flexibility and balance during their dance holding the candle stick above the head. The Egyptian stick It's a show include young girls and boys and it indicate the efficiency of the young boys in using the stick

Al Dahya It is a Bedouin show that is presented in a Bedouin evening entertain men      

The Horse The Governorate of Sharkia is famous for bringing up the Arabian Horses and even it's regarded as one of the important markets of this field – in selling the horses in A.R.E. , there are important areas that are famous for horses bringing up in Sharkia

(Al Salhya , Anshas , Bai Gri , Gazzerrit Saod & Arab Al Tahawya) This dance portrays the efficiency of the horses to learn how to dance Stp., swaggering , sleeping , sitting & the various movements of the legs and the head to reach a high level of training within the sound of the Egyptian pipe and drums – and it also demonstrates the response between the trainer and the horse.

Tanora Dance Show It's regarded as a kind of the sufi dance. It depends on the circle movement that represents the Islamic philosophy. That the universe movement begin in the certain point and returns to the same point. When the Tanora dancer turns around an axis his desire to set off to the sky, and that also could be found within the dancing of the dancers around him. As he represents the sun and they represent the planets following him. This dance is between the Sufi kinds and forms and some movement that distinguished by the nationality trains.

Sakayeen Dancing Show It's regarded as a kind of the Egyptian folk heritage


This band represents Egypt within the following international festivals:

  • 1983, in Sweden
  • 1984, Gigon Festival in France, Kano Vennesia in Boland
  • 1985, Bursa and Samson Festivals UN Turkey, Bublen Festival in Ireland and 1 Sidmoth & Bellingham Festival in England.
  • 1986, in Iraq.
  • 1988, Grand Motive in France, The International Salon Festival for the friendship in 1 Algeria
  • 1989, Meshlan Festival in Belgium
  • 1990, Bauo Festival in France and Cartage Festival in Tunisia
  • 1992, Chor M in Turkey
  • 1993, in Portugal
  • 1994, in Turkey
  • 1995, in Italy
  • 1996, Bwanina Festival in Greece, Balufa Festival in Turkey and the participation 1   within the evacuation day festival in Yemen
  • 1997, Burgas, in Bulgaria
  • 1998, Nawsa Festival in Hong Kong, and Borkinafaso
  • 1999, Spring Festival for the Art and the Friendship in Korea, and Osaka Festival 1 in Japan  
  • 2000, Integrity Festival in Yemen , Salala Festival in Tunisia
  • 2001, Bulgaria , Basri Festival in Syria and Ozaka Festival in Japan
  • 2002, Yalta Festival in Ukraine , the field of the cultural exchange in Belgium and 1   Martina show in Austria.
  • 2003, Vali De Komino Festival in Italy
  • 2004, Syria within the cultural exchange between Egypt and Syria including folk 1     arts , cinema and literary sessions
  • 2004, July , Greece – that the band present shows within the Olympic Games 1           championship in Greece
  • 2004, August , Garash Festival , in Jordan
  • 2004, September – in Rome within the festivals between Egypt and Italy
  • 2005, January , in Japan
  • 2005, June , the Arab economic conference , in Germany , Berlin City
  • 2005, July – Burgas Festival in Bulgaria – the band gained the first position
  • 2005, Yorgas Festival in Bulgaria – the team win the first level
  • 2006, the exchange cultural week in Oman
  • 2006, Gerch Festival in Jordan
  • 2006, the Exchange Cultural Egyptian Week in El Bosna & El Hersik
  • 2007, the Exchange Cultural Egyptian Week in Morocco
  • 2007, festival in Morocco
  • 2007, The African woman day in Angola
  • 2007, the Exchange Cultural Egyptian Week in Japan & Korea
  • 2008, the Exchange Cultural Egyptian Week in Russia
  • 2009, the Exchange Cultural Egyptian Week in Jordon
  • 2009, the Exchange Cultural Egyptian Week in Emirates
  • 2010, the Exchange Cultural Egyptian Week in Sarajevo
  • 2011, festival in India
  • 2012, festival saba in Malaysia
  • 2012 ,Brazil
  • 2013, the first festival drums for peace in Egypt
  • 2013, International Buyukcekmece Culture and art festival - Turkey
  • 2013: Irbed Festival in Jordon